In order to provide all that the PTSO offers, we hold several fundraisers each year. There are many options and ask that each family participate in at least one during the year:

  • Unfundraiser – Don’t like bugging your family and friends to purchase items? Simply donate good ol’ cash to support us. You can donate via Paypal, or you can also log into your personal Paypal account and perform the “send money to a friend” option and send your donation to This will help us avoid the modest fee. Or you can fill out the form here: Unfundraiser Form and send it to school with your child.
  • CherryDale Farms catalog fundraiser – For those of you who do like to sell or buy things. This is held in October.
  • Bi-Monthly restaurant nights – take a break from cooking for a night and eat out at a specific restaurant and a portion of their profits comes back to us.
  • Shop from our unique link on Amazon Smile. We receive a small donation for each qualifying purchase on Amazon Smile using our unique link. If you are a Prime member, you still receive all of your Prime benefits!
  • Have an idea for a great fundraiser? Let us know!